Participation in Asia Pacific Gas Conference 2017


1. Exhibition : Asia Pacific Gas Conference 2017 (APGC 2017)


2. Place : EXCO, Daegu, Korea


3. Date : September 27 ~ 29, 2017


4. Theme : Our Future, Powered by Gas: Natural Gas, the Key Player in the Future Energy Mix


5. Website :


We, TK-FUJIIN, have attended Asia Pacific Gas Conference 2017 (APGC2017), highly influential exhibition

for Natural Gas and future energy field in the world , held at EXCO, Daegu, Korea, from September 27 ~ 29, 2017


The region’s most awaited third Asia Pacific Gas Conference 2017 (APGC2017), hosted by Korea Gas Corporation,

Korea Gas Union, and Energy News, will once again take place at the midst of the autumn cool breeze in Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea. APGC2017 brings the most up-to-date technology and recent trends in the CNG, LNG industry.


During the exhibition, around 700 professional visitors, 100 exhibitors have participated in EXCO. Prominent CEOs and executives from various global energy companies have participated and shared their thoughts and practices under the theme, Enhancement of CNG, LNG Flexibility and Liquidity as Commodity


TK-FUJIKIN has focused on developing better relationships with our existing customers as well as securing new clients, and we have finished the exhibition with good success!


We would like to thank everyone who has always supported us, and TK-FUJIKIN promises that we will continue doing our best to satisfy your expectation and pay for your support.


 Thank you.


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