New Products

Bend Fitting Series

Bend Fittings is normally used for the assembled components
with large-sized valve in the main process of the Project and, is being applied
to the connection part where large flow is needed.
Normally, TK-FUJIKIN can provide the two types of A-Size and Inch-Size with
the different surface treatment for AP, BA, EP, depending on the application.

List of Articles
  • 45 Elbow (HEB)

  • 90 Elbow (EB)

  • Cap (CPB)

  • Cap Reducer - Pipe Size (CRB)

  • Cap Reducer - Tube Size (CRB)

  • Coaxial Bulkhead Fitting Assembly (CDBH)

  • Coaxial Double 45° Elbow (CDHEB)

  • Coaxial Double 90° Elbow (CDEB)

  • Coaxial Double Concentric Reducer (CDRCB)

  • Coaxial Double Equal Tee (CDTSB)

  • Coaxial Double Face Seal Weld Gland - Male/Female (CDVM/CDVF)

  • Coaxial Double Joint Tee - Male/Female (CDJTF)

  • Coaxial Double Reducing Tee (CDTB)

  • Coaxial Double Tube (CDT)

  • Coaxial Joint Tee -Male/Female (CDJTF)

  • Coaxial Sleeve (CSL)

  • Coaxial Teminator (DTNB)

  • Equal Tee (TSB)

  • JIS RF Flange (RFF) / JIS Blind Flange (BLD)

  • Joint Cap (JCB)

  • Joint Reducer (JRB)

  • Joint Tee (JTF)

  • Lap Joint (LAP)

  • Multi-Header Joint Tee (MHB)

  • Multi-Header Tee (MHB)

  • Pipe Flange (PIF)

  • Reducer (RCB)

  • Reducing Tee - Pipe Size (TB)

  • Reducing Tee - Tube Size (TB)

  • Special Clean Spool Header (SH)

  • Teflon Gasket (TPK)