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Cylinder Connector Series

CGA Connector is used for the connection of the high pressure and compressed gases
which is designated by CGA, CGA DISS, JIS and DIN standard.
A CGA Fitting is standardized system for the attachment of a compressed gas cylinder to the required regulator or transfer line.
The fitting standards are designed to make the gas connections leak tight and
also prevent different fittings from being mixed up.

List of Articles
  • CGA Complete Pigtail Connections

  • CGA Cylinder Valve Outlet Plugs or Caps

  • CGA Inlet Connections

  • CGA Outlet Adapters & Blank Plugs or Caps

  • CGA_DISS Complete Pigtail Connections

  • CGA_DISS Cylinder Valve Outlet Caps

  • CGA_DISS Gaskets

  • CGA_DISS Inlet Connections

  • CGA_DISS Outlet Adapters & Blank Plugs

  • DIN Complete Pigtail Connections

  • JIS Complete Pigtail Connections