New Products

IGS Component Series

IGS (Integrated Gas System) is applied to
the major components on the base plate and
composed of manual valve, filter, regulator, PT sensor, MFC
and pneumatic valve.
It controls the gas flow precisely in the Gas Box.

List of Articles
  • IGS Gasket Filter (11GFW)

  • IGS Manual Valve (11NSODVK / 15NSODVK)

  • IGS Metal Filter (11FT / 15FT)

  • IGS Metering Valve (11MDMV / 15MDMV)

  • IGS Pneumatic Block Valve (11PBDV6 / 15PBDV6)

  • IGS Pneumatic Valve (11PDV6 / 15PDV6)

  • IGS Regulator (11MRG4 / 15MRG4)