New Products

IGS Component Series

IGS (Integrated Gas System) is applied to
the major components on the base plate and
composed of manual valve, filter, regulator, PT sensor, MFC
and pneumatic valve.
It controls the gas flow precisely in the Gas Box.

IGS Gasket Filter (11GFW)

■ 3 Nanometer particle filtering capability keeps up high flow efficiency with minimum pressure drop
■ Gasket surface finish on gas wetted surface is 5µin in Ra with electro polishing
■ Baked with hot nitrogen after DI water cleaning to meet semiconductor process standards
■ Class 100 manufacturing, cleaning and packaging environment 
Ordering Information Specifications
Removal Rating ≥ 0.0025 ㎛
Retention Greater than 99.9999999% Removal of all particles down to 0.0025 ㎛
Rated flow @ 109 40 SLPM
Max. Operating Temperature 460℃
Surface finish interior ≥ Ra 5μin
Size Seal Type Part Number A/mm B/mm H/mm
1.125˝ W-Seal DS11GFW-40 (3.25) 7.7 27.6
Performance Data