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Metal Element Filter Series

TK-FUJIKIN can provide different element type, such as Stainless and Hastelloy.
The Metal Element is manufactured by sintering the SUS316L and Hastelloy after special processing of metal power,
and achieved the high removal rate, low pressure drop compare to conventional powder sintering element by fine processed pore size.
Elements sintered by Hastelloy, SUS offer stable filtering capability,
superior anti-corrosion and thermal resistance despite of high pressure range.

List of Articles
  • Hastelloy Filter (HH-A)

  • Hastelloy Filter (HH-H)

  • MFS Gasket Filter (4GFM)

  • Stainless Steel Filter (S-A)

  • Stainless Steel Filter (S-H)

  • Stainless Steel Gas Filter