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Metal Seal Fitting Series

MFS (Metal Seal Fitting) is used for the applications of high vacuum,
high pressure and ultra high purity system and offers the
high purity of metal-to-metal seal providing leak-tight service.
They are widely used as the connection of Valve, Filter and Regulator,
and there is no need for expansion space for assembly and disassembly.

List of Articles
  • ATW Female Long Gland (ASG)

  • ATW Male Long Gland (ALG)

  • Blind Gasket (GB)

  • Blind Gland (BLG)

  • Bulkhead Union (BH)

  • Cap (Cable Type) (CP-C)

  • Cap (CP)

  • Coupling (CG)

  • Double Female Reducing Union (x FU)

  • Double Male Reducing Union (x MU)

  • Double Male Union (MU)

  • Female Connector(NPT) (FC)

  • Female Connector(PT) (FC-X32)

  • Female Elbow Union Welded Assembly (EUW)

  • Female Gland (SG)

  • Female Nut (FN)

  • Female Tee Union Welded Assembly (UTW)

  • Gasket (GT)

  • Gasket Retainer Assembly (GR)

  • HMFS Atw Body (x HABY)

  • HMFS Bulkhead Connector (x HBHY)

  • HMFS Female Nut (HFN)

  • HMFS Long Gland (HLG)

  • HMFS Male Nut (HMN)

  • HMFS Tbw Body (x HBY)

  • Male Bulkhead Connector(NPT) (BHC)

  • Male Connector(NPT) (MC)

  • Male Connector(PT) (MC-X32)

  • Male Connector(ST) (MCS)

  • Male Elbow (NPT) (ME)

  • Male Elbow (PT) (ME-X32)

  • Male Gland (LG)

  • Male Nut (MN)

  • Male Weld Gland (MG)

  • Plug (Cable Type) (PG-C)

  • Plug (PG)

  • Reducing Adapter (x RA)

  • Reducing Bushing (x RB)

  • Socket Weld Long Gland (SWLG)

  • Socket Weld Reducing Long Gland (x SWLG)

  • Socket Weld Short Gland (SWSG)

  • TBW Body (BY)

  • TBW Bulkhead Connector (BHY)

  • Tube Adapter (TA)

  • Tube Fitting Bulkhead Connector (BHCK)

  • Tube Fitting Connector (MCK)

  • Union Cross (UC)

  • Union Elbow (UE)

  • Union Tee (UT)

  • Welded Female Connector(NPT) (FMC)

  • Welded Female Connector(PT) (FMC-X32)

  • Welded Female Union (WFU)

  • Welded Lok Connector (WTC)

  • Welded Male Connector(NPT) (WMC)

  • Welded Male Connector(PT) (WMC-X32)