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Metal Seal Fitting Series (USA / Europe)

MFS (Metal Seal Fitting) is used for the applications of high vacuum,
high pressure and ultra high purity system and offers the
high purity of metal-to-metal seal providing leak-tight service.
They are widely used as the connection of Valve, Filter and Regulator,
and there is no need for expansion space for assembly and disassembly.

Blind Glands (BG)

Dimensions/Ordering Information
T Tube OD Ordering Number H T Tube OD Ordering Number H
in. mm in. mm
1/8 □-2V-BG 0.70 17.8 3/4 □-12V-BG 2.00 50.8
1/4 □-4V-BG 1.31 33.3 1 □-16V-BG 2.22 56.4
1/2 □-8V-BG 1.50 38.1 - - - -