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Vacuum Generator Series

Vacuum Generator is creating vacuum by use of compressed air, and is applied to the semiconductor manufacturing process which can be existed TOXIC gas and its residues of different gases in the process. The residue gases can be harmful
to the workers so it is needed to be evacuated by purging function compulsory.
Vacuum Generator can be generated 50 torr vacuum with a minimum source
Nitrogen pressure of 80 psig.

Ultra-High Purity Vacuum Generators (VG1)

■ High Performance Design.
■ Stainless Steel 316L Construction.
■ Metal Face Seal and Tube Butt-Weld Connection. 
Technical Data
Orifice Size 1.35mm
Ultimate Pressure 50torr (66.7mbar)
Gas Flow at Ultimate 60ℓ / min
Gas Pressure at Ultimate 80psig
Optimize working Pressure 80~100psig
Orifice Size 1.35mm
Max. Working Pressure 150psig (10kgf/cm2)
Operating Temperature 0~150℃
* measured when operating gas flow is over 60LPM and extension vent tube length is over 20mm. Note1. The dimension of drawing is for reference only. Please contact us for customer drawing and special product. Product Features ■ 50torr(66.7mbar) vacuum generated with a minimum source Nitrogen pressure of 80psig. ■ Ultrasonic and D.I. water cleaned for semiconductor Ultra-high purity. ■ Cleaned, welded, assembled, tested and packaged in a Class 100 or 10 clean room. ■ 100% tested for vacuum performance and Helium leakage. Ordering Number Ordering Information
S 316L Stainless Steel 4 1/4″ VM MFS Male A AP Grade
D 316L Stainless Steel Remelted 6 3/8″ VF MFS Female BLANK BA Grade
- - 8 1/2″ TW Tube Butt Weld P EP Grade
Vacuum and Flow Specification