New Products

Weld Fitting Series

Weld Fitting is used for the major joining parts where corrosive fluid,
pressure surge caused by the shock and vibration,
cyclic change of temperature, system-induced vibration,
and high purity system are to be applied.

List of Articles
  • Forged 90˚ Elbow (E)

  • Forged Cross Tee (CT)

  • Forged Reducer (x R)

  • Forged Reducing 90˚ Elbow (x E)

  • Forged Reducing Tee (x T)

  • Forged Tee (T)

  • Micro 45 Elbow (HE)

  • Micro 90˚ Elbow (E)

  • Micro Cross (CT)

  • Micro Extended Branch Leg Tee (EXT)

  • Micro Extended Leg 90 Elbow (EX)

  • Micro Extended Leg 90˚ Elbow (EXE)

  • Micro Extended Run Tee (EXT)

  • Micro Reducer (x R)

  • Micro Reducing 90˚ Elbow (x E)

  • Micro Reducing Tee (xT)

  • Micro Tee (T)

  • Micro Tribow (TB)