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Weld Fitting Series (USA / Europe)

Weld Fitting is used for the major joining parts where corrosive fluid,
pressure surge caused by the shock and vibration,
cyclic change of temperature, system-induced vibration,
and high purity system are to be applied.

Extended Branch Leg Union Tee (MT)

Dimensions/Ordering Information
T Tube OD Ordering Number A A1 B B1 E F Body Cube L L1 Working Pressure (SS)
in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm psig(bar)
1/4 □-4T1-MT-4T1-4T7 0.82 20.8 0.76 19.3 0.25 6.4 0.45 11.4 0.18 4.6 5/16 0.41 10.4 0.61 15.5 5100(351)